Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sleeping like a baby

If he gets tired enough, he will fall asleep anywhere.

Within the last couple of weeks, Micah moved into a toddler bed, but he now understands he has some freedom to get up and move about. He knows enough not to come out of his room. There really aren't any toys except for a few books in his room for him to play with, but he will find something to do until he collapses. Nap time has been a bit of a challenge, trying to teach him to stay in bed and fall asleep, but sometimes it takes a good two hours for him to get tired enough to fall asleep. Sometimes I stress the issue of falling asleep and other times I just let him play quietly until he is REALLY quiet, at which time I go to check on him.

Here's what I find:

On the floor right behind his door, thankfully not close enough to be hit by the door opening.

Rocked himself to sleep.

Another episode of rocking himself to sleep, this time on the ottoman. I had been wondering if this would happen - he often lays like that, rocking back and forth but I didn't think he would actually fall asleep like that...

Wow, he actually made it to the bed (barely)!