Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Setting up house

ok so the wait is over... now the work begins! David and I have been building a house for 6 months or so... no, WE haven't been doing the building, but we've been having it built. We just had all our furniture moved yesterday, so we're super excited about it! We have been staying here for the past 5 days and over the weekend we got all kinds of painting done. I will have pictures of the walls painted and the furniture in very soon, but we have to clear up all the boxes first. We (as in me and a bunch of friends - I don't think you'll catch David in a pair of painting overalls to save his life!) painted the living room, dining room, kitchen, the master bedroom, and the bonus room on Saturday. David was busy with putting up blinds, helping his dad put in the garage door opener and he also started to put in door handles and knobs for the cabinets. It's so exciting... for US, but scary for our cats. Mario and Luigi have been used to living in one place for their whole lives, so this move is causing some anxiety and stress! They stay in hiding: Mario curled up in the litter box, and Luigi under the bed. I'm sure they'll get used to it soon. I HOPE anyway, otherwise we'll have one very stinky cat and one extra large super-size-me lazy lug!

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