Monday, March 12, 2007

Beautiful baby boy!

I just can't get enough of this little guy! He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen (but of course, I am quite a bit biased!). He has been flipping over from his back to his front, but he still doesn't know how to turn himself back over. So, in the mornings he wakes us up by crying because he's done doing his push-ups.

On Saturday night we went to an auction at the Christian school that David does work for. He had to make sure that the computers were working well all night. So there was a silent auction at first and then a live auction with a real auctioneer in the latter part of the evening. It was a lot of fun! We won a couple things in the silent auction - a bunch of Dr. Seuss books and also a professional photography sitting, which we're excited about since we haven't had professional shots of Micah yet.

We had Amy and Bryce, friends from my college down to visit on Thursday evening. It was great to see them again and hang out even just for an evening. Amy was in my wedding party, and I really wanted to see her shortly after Micah was born, but I couldn't make the drive up to Vancouver. They live farther north, but she was working in Vancouver for a week back in October. Anyway, we saw them this time, and it was great because they could see our house and our baby, and have dinner with us.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Getting stronger!

Micah is getting stronger all the time. He's just about sitting on his own. He can do it mostly by leaning forward, balancing his belly on his legs. He's also getting stronger on his legs and can stand for a few seconds by holding onto something. He's not pulling himself up to either the sitting or standing positions yet, but he sure tries, working those abs like mommy wishes she could with pilates!

We are borrowing this swing-thing for Micah to bounce in and push off his feet. It's super cute when he gets going on it!

Friday, March 02, 2007


I've been wondering lately what women decades ago did to procrastinate from housework. Or were they all June Cleaver-type mothers and wives who did all the work first and then sat down to a nice book, their quilting, or their knitting? There are so many things these days that divert my attention from keeping my house clean that I wonder if those women ever had days where they just didn't want to do it. If I were to do everything I should be doing, I wouldn't have any time left to keep my faithful blog readers updated on my life, or to read my next book club book. But I would be happy with a clean house. And probably, if it were mostly clean in the first place, I wouldn't have such a hard time keeping it that way.

Now, please don't mistake our house for a slob-fest. Since we do have people over occasionally, the main part of our house is usually pretty clean. It is hard for me to keep the counters in the kitchen cleared, though, and especially now since I am home all day and eating or feeding my baby. This, I predict, will only get worse as he starts eating solids. However, the upstairs of our house, mainly the office is the hardest to keep clean, since it is where all of the papers-to-deal-with-later are shoved.

My husband, bless his heart, has been going through room-by-room cleaning and getting rid of things. So far, our bedroom is clean and the master bathroom is (mostly) done. Our closet was next on the list, but since he has been getting busier with work, it has been on hold. Over the last week or two he has been working on the office by reconciling our bank accounts and tossing some papers or putting them into a To-File pile, which I am going to get to one of these days. It will feel SO GOOD when we get through everything and have a more organized home!

It seems difficult to do the extra things when the laundry and dishes always need to be done. Besides the fact that I want to get out and exercise now and then, or visit with friends, or hop in the shower when my baby is napping! How in the world did those ladies of old do it when they had to wash dishes and laundry by hand!?!!