Monday, November 21, 2005


i'm part of a girls bible study. we're going through 1st and 2nd timothy. we just met tonight and we met here. it was nice, i love having a house that we can use for ministry and meeting in to grow and encourage others in our faith. we studied the last chapter in timothy (chapter 6) and one of the big things that struck me in that chapter has to do with contentment. in our american culture it is really hard not to fall into the trap that "leads many into ruin and destruction." i want to be able to use what i have for God's glory and be content with what he's given me. it's good to be smart and save, but the key is to not hold things very tightly. i'd like to think if everything was taken away from me, i'd still be able to praise God. afterall, it is just stuff.

the other thing too, talking about respecting our 'masters' or leaders or employers, it's so easy to do everything properly when their eye is on you, but what is above reproach is when no one is watching and i'm still doing my job to the best of my ability and as i should be because i should be doing it as unto the Lord and not for men. these are very common thoughts, but they were good reminders for me.


jessicanatebecker said...

Good thoughts, Cheri!

Two things:

First thing: contentment vs. holding things tightly, reminds me of "I wish I had two cars." Yes, sister, let's hold things loosely!

So in fact: from your last post comment, I am surprised to hear you get up first in the family! (Or maybe it's Mars?).

Tell us more about what you are learning. I love it!

jessicanatebecker said...

Notice I never got to "Second thing" Does that ring a bell? Incredible.
I miss you!
Oh, and I'm interested in how you said "Our american culture". You're making the switch!