Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pictures of the baby's room

Here are some pictures of the baby's room now. We have added quite a bit to the room! I got the bedding for the crib, which will be nice for the baby so he doesn't need to sleep on a hard, cold mattress!

The thing hanging on the doorknob in the picutre below is a clean diaper holder. Not sure how much use it will get as it's intended function, but we'll see! It came with the rest of the bedding.

So I still need to clean a bit and put some things away, but as soon as we get the changing table, which is also our dresser I'll organize everything! All of these items came from our baby showers. Everyone has blessed us so much! We have a lot of diapers and wipes, toys, clothes and other important items.

Isn't this a beautiful baby quilt?! This is the quilt my friend, Amanda made for me. She had taken me shopping to pick out the fabrics and then worked really hard and put the quilt together. She was also making another baby quilt for Heidi and had both ready for us at the church shower, and she's making a queen size quilt for her brother's wedding, which is this weekend!! She's a little bit of an overacheiver. She is such a sweet servant - she's the same one who helped me paint the room and she also came over last week to give me a pedicure. Oh, not to mention she's also helping me plan Canadian Thanksgiving at my house. Wow, what a girl!

This is a picture of the cute little embroidered feet that she added for a special touch!

Mario and Luigi are a bit curious, but here you can see the back side of the quilt. It's a flannel print with stars and moons. Very cute and snuggly!


jessicanatebecker said...

OH CHERI!!! I have to email you immediately! I hope Mars and Lugs are not like the siamese twins on "Lady and the Tramp" when the baby comes.

Amy said...

You are sooooo cute!!! I sure hope we can connect sometime soon. We will definitely be praying for all the new changes. YOu are going to be such an amazing Mom, I am absolutely certain. We will be praying for strength, wisdom, discernment, patience and time for you and David.

Lots of love!!!

Cheri said...

I hope we can connect sometime too. I love that you're going to be Vancouver soon. I will see how I'm feeling, because maybe I can come up there for a short time. I have my friend Julie (who was also in my wedding party) living in Vancouver right now too, so maybe I can see if I can visit with them and with you while you're here. Then you can meet little baby Wolfie, but as I said, we'll have to see how I'm feeling! (And how David feels about me taking his baby away for a little while to another country!)

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I love you lots!