Thursday, June 29, 2006

Four Years!

Today is our Fourth Anniversary. What a blessing to be married to a such wonderful man! We're going out to dinner tonight to the Melting Pot. We had gone there for my birthday back in April. It's a fondue restaurant. It's a nice romantic restaurant and always super good food! It makes it fun when you can cook it too. It kind of makes for a long evening, but that's what's great about it!

Since I have Saturday off this weekend we thought about going away to celebrate our anniversary, but we have decided it would be better to stay home and save some money so that we can buy furniture and other baby-necessities. We may work on the baby's room, too - painting and whatever else to get ready for the baby! I also have Monday and Tuesday off for the Fourth of July, so it's a nice long weekend that we can relax together and get some things done around here.

I guess we don't have the whole weekend to ourselves. On Saturday evening we're going to look after our nephews in Seattle while David's sister and brother in law go to a wedding. Then we'll stay overnight up there and go with them to a baseball game. The Mariners have been doing really well lately, so hopefully we'll catch a good game!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The day after I posted the last blog I started feeling the baby moving - very slightly, and it was hard to tell if it was the baby, but it was! It feels like something you can't control, just little "flutters" is what everyone tells me they're supposed to feel like. I just think it feels like a movement inside me, only you can tell it's not you because it's too far forward.

We found out a couple weeks later that we're having a baby boy! I thought all along it was going to be a girl, and who knows, they say the ultrasounds are never 100% but the lady there could tell pretty clearly that it was a boy. Anyway, we're excited to be having a boy first. :)

I've still been feeling great. I went out shopping last week with a friend of mine to pick out fabric for a baby quilt that she's going to make for us. It's going to be so cute! I'm so excited and so is she! Her name is Amanda and she is super sweet.

I have been playing tennis every Thursday on my days off with another friend named Anna. Her and her husband recently moved here from California and have been coming to our church. They just live down the street from us, not quite in the same development but in an apartment community that is brand new also. She played tennis in high school and coached it as well, so she's really good. But, she's teaching me a lot - so far my serve and my forehand have improved a ton!