Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer Travels

I think we are done with our travels for the summer. We were going to drive up to Vancouver this past weekend, but we ended up staying here because there were a number of things happening that we wanted to be here for. We went to a pig roast at a friend's house out in the boonies on Saturday. Our friends, along with her parents, bought a very large property and fixed up a 'triple-wide' to make it their own. The home is atop a triple-wide garage, hence the name. Her parents live in an attached mobile home on the same property, while they build their house a mile down the road. They have horses so some went for rides, while the rest of us went on the hay rides around their property.

Sunday we celebrated Micah's little friend Drew's first birthday. He was really cute with his blue pointed 1st Birthday hat. He picked cautiously at his huge piece of chocolate birthday cake and didn't eat very much, but still made enough of a mess of himself so people could get those cherished photos. Unfortunately, we didn't have our camera with us.

We had been to Chelan with David's family for a nice, relaxing week at his parent's condo. David's aunt and uncle with their two grown kids and their jetski were there just for the weekend, but David's parents and us stayed for the rest of the week. It was nice and quiet and everyone could do whatever they wanted. The lake was beautiful and the weather perfect. Micah had lots of fun playing in the sand and 'swimming' in the pool. On our way home from Chelan we stopped at Leavenworth for some good ol' fashioned German festivities... and lunch.

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