Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hawaii may not be a pretty picture come February

I have been trying to avoid doing any holiday baking because I don't want to eat it all. And that's just what I'll be doing if we have cookies and candy and fudge floating around our house. I was doing pretty well up until last weekend. I had only made a couple batches of fudge, which I made so that I could take it to a Christmas cookie exchange and to our home group. But there are just so many things going on right now. Dave went to a friend's house on Saturday to play video games and he invited some friends, so the wife of one of the friends came over to my house so we could play with our babies and bake Christmas cookies. If I'm going to do Christmas baking I try to make sure that at least I'll have somewhere to take them, otherwise I will seriously eat them all. All Day Long. Which is not so healthy.

So, my friend Kara came over on Saturday and we made shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, and chocolate drops (or haystacks). I made her take half of them home with her so she could share them with her husband and the rest of her family. Sunday I got together with my book club friends for a gift exchange and what do you know? Part of the gift I received was Christmas cookies! I left some with my friends, but the majority came home with me. So I went to the Mom's Group meeting at the nursing home on Monday to deliver cookies and hang out with the elderly people and brought a plate of cookies with me. I also brought a plate of Christmas cookies with me to our home group meeting tonight. I have frozen some of the sugar cookies and the shortbread cookies, so at least at this point I haven't gotten into that.

I had made a couple more batches today because apparently they've been running out. I'm trying not to eat them all the time, but somehow they are diminishing. I have been giving a lot away, but still! Something has snapped inside me. I was trying NOT to do holiday baking! But then Dave thanked me the other day for making Christmas cookies because he is really enjoying them. And that made me want to make more! That was nice, I'm glad he's enjoying them. I know I am. But I looked at the calendar for the new year and realize that after all holiday-related events are over (aka, Jan. 1), I will have no more than 6.5 weeks to kick myself into high gear to prepare for Hawaii.

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