Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vacation - Part 1

Oh how I love Hawaii! I was talking with a friend today and we were thinking that vacation is not quite the right word now that we have kids. I guess it's more like a get-away, a change in routine. I bring my "work" with me now when I go away, but it sure is nice going away with family (grandparents in particular) who are happy with watching the kids while we catch some rays or get some ice cream. The grandparents were particularly happy watching the kids since they knew they would be relaxing for real the following week. They brought us along the first week but they stayed an additional week without any children or grandchildren around making their lives a whole lot noisier.

Hawaii was FABULOUS. The weather was perfect. Warm, sunny, 80 degrees. Every Single Day. I suggested for me to stay the additional week with Nana and Papa, but they didn't exactly take me up on my offer. So I'm back home now, getting back into a routine of laundry and cleaning and cooking. Spring is just around the corner, though. The weather here hasn't been so bad. It is a bit cooler, but the sun is shining!

I was a little worried about taking Micah on the plane because he had been sick with a runny, stuffy nose in the days leading up to the trip, but he did fine. On the way there he slept for two hours and stayed in his car seat the entire time. I was very thankful that we had a seat for him because he is very squirmy and strong and it would have been impossible to keep him still on our laps for six hours.

We stayed in Waikiki at the Marriott on the top (33rd) floor for the first night. There was a beautiful view from our room, but I was too scared to step too far out onto the balcony because it was a reeeally long way down! The balcony was tiny and there was a wrought-iron railing that didn't seem as strong as concrete.

Waikiki is such a fun place - lots of shops, lots of people, beautiful beaches. We got in during the afternoon, so we had dinner at an outdoor restaurant at the Marriott and then went back to the room so we could get Micah out of the sun and wait for Dave's bag to get in. His bag didn't make it from Seattle on our flight, but it came on another flight and they brought it to the Marriott that evening so he got it before we took off for Maui.

There is a lot more to tell, so I will save it for another post. So far, the first part of our trip has been excellent! I know you'll be waiting on pins and needles for the rest of our fabulous trip!

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