Friday, November 26, 2010


Monday, November 22nd brought a nice bunch of snow for our enjoyment! Schools and businesses shut down for the entire week. Everyone got a really long Thanksgiving holiday break!

This is as about as far as Frankie made it. As soon as I took her outside she wanted back in for her nap. I'm sure there will come a day that she will appreciate the snow. :)

Micah enjoyed himself.... on top of our bushes!

He met a friend. The night before, when it was perfect packing snow, Micah and Dave went out to cover the pipes and then they made a snowman. It was blustery, cold and dark when they made him, but he stayed standing until the day after Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

What fun in the leaves and the snow! Just think about even more fun when the two of them can be out there enjoying it all!

Aunt Phyllis

Cheri said...

Thanks Aunt Phyllis! I'm excited for them too to be out there playing together! It'll mean I won't have to be as active, right? (I must be getting older!) Micah will love a doting sister and Frankie will think he's hilarious. :)