Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Trip to Ontario

We had a wonderful visit to Ontario at the beginning of February. We flew right when a huge storm was hitting pretty much every state in the east and middle parts of the US as well as Canada. Our original flight was supposed to go from Seattle to Chicago to Buffalo, but since Chicago was supposed to get hit pretty hard, we decided to change the flight. United Airlines switched us to fly through Washington DC. When we arrived in DC, all the flights to Buffalo were cancelled, so we had to stay the night and then fly the next day out of Reagan National airport, on US Airways instead of United. When we got on the plane in DC to fly to Buffalo, they decided that the storm would be hitting Buffalo right when we were to fly in, so they were going to redirect us to Philadelphia first and then go to Buffalo after the storm hit. My parents had been waiting in Buffalo for a few days, and hadn't seen much of a storm. We finally landed there in the evening but of course our luggage didn't make it. It was stuck in DC. US Airways was going to get it on the next flight to Buffalo in the morning and then drive it over the border to us in Canada. I was surprised. I thought we'd have to stay another night in Buffalo, but thankfully they brought it to us, much to my parent's relief as they were done with staying in a hotel and just wanted to get home. We were ready to get to our destination too! I was thankful our kids did great with all the travelling. Micah was excited about having to take THREE airplanes instead of just two. David's mom had watched for cancelled flights and booked a beautiful room in the Marriott Suites for us to stay the night in DC. We had a nice, luxurious night. Sadly, though, we were on PST and slept in past the time the pool was open so Micah was a little disappointed when Dave took him to go swimming while we waited for our next flight out of DC and found the pool locked.

I remember what it was like flying for the first time with a baby and how stressful it was to make sure he was good and quiet for the other passengers, and how much extra stuff you have to bring along when you have a baby. This time around, with two kids, I found it so much easier. I am much more relaxed as a parent and don't stress about a baby crying even if it disturbs the other passengers. It doesn't help anyone if I get worked up and stressed out, so I just stay calm. It definitely helps that David and I traveled together, because since there is a lot of cargo that comes with carrying a baby around, the extra set of hands comes in most helpful, especially going through security. On the way home, unfortunately, we had forgotten the stroller in my parents garage, so we had to carry Frankie in the carseat through the airport, but thankfully we didn't get stopped anywhere and had two easy flights home.

Micah and Grandma at the retreat

Uncle Greg and Aunt Amanda snuggling with Francess at the retreat

Micah showing his friends how his Leapster works

Movie time with Grandma and Grandpa, watching Micah's current favorite, Toy Story 3

Grandpa and Frankie

Grandma and Frankie

"We're gonna getchya Daddy, watch out!"

Shoveling the walkway

Rosy cheeks

While in Ontario, we had a great time visiting with my parents, playing in the snow, spending time at a family camp with close family friends, visiting with my grandparents, my dad's sister, and my close friends and all their kiddos.

My lovely girlfriends and all their kids. It's amazing how things change so much in just one year. All those babies weren't here the last time I visited.

Micah is reading a book to Frankie with Great Gran

Here Micah is showing Great Gran how his Tag reading system works

During the week we were there, Frankie really started being able to sit pretty well on her own. My mom noticed a difference from the beginning of the week to the end of the week. My mom also started feeding Frankie rice cereal for the first time while we were there!

He's one very protective big brother!
I am so thankful for these two cuties and super blessed to be raising them.

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Stephanie Mosselman said...

hey Cheri. It's good to hear your "stories" and SO great to see picture of you and the kids. Also, glad to hear you had a nice visit at home. Good to see pictures of you and the girls, and their kids! Take care and I am checking in all the time!