Thursday, March 24, 2011

7 Months

Time is flying by. Frankie is 7 months old. On Saturday, March 12th, Dave had gone to do some work at the office. Micah and I were playing his little travel-size Connect Four game, which highly interested Frankie. So, she pulled herself along on the floor to get to it. We had to call Dave at work to tell him "we have a crawler!" We haven't been able to keep her in one place since. She is army-crawling all over the place.

She's been a great sleeper for the past couple of months. She usually just wakes up once to be fed during the night. Sometimes it is at midnight right when I'm about to go to bed, or else at 4am. I am fine when it's just once like that. She's always up around 7am, like Micah. He has often been getting up more than her, having dreams/nightmares, going potty, asking for a back scratch in the middle of the night. It's kind of funny - we finally have a baby who now sleeps pretty much all the way through the night but our four year old has reverted back to infant stages!

Micah is really cool with her. He loves to read, so almost every morning they will both sit on the floor in her room after she's done nursing and he will read a story. Most of the board books in her room are easy and some of them he has memorized, but he's actually doing really well with reading.

Frankie is so sweet with Dave. He hasn't been able to be quite as involved with Frankie as he was with Micah because she doesn't take a bottle and Dave just doesn't have the right parts. But she still loves whenever she sees him. We tried out video chat on the Xbox one day when she was in her exersaucer and she got so excited that she jumped up and down and had a big smile. Now when he comes home she always has a big smile and gets bashful. In fact, whenever there is a man paying attention to her she kind of hides her face to the side and smirks a little. One time Dave thought she was trying to play peek-a-boo by turning her head away from him and then toward him while he had her on the changing table.

She is doing great with eating. She loves sweet potatoes and carrots. She is starting to enjoy bananas. She didn't really like the apple/blueberry mixture I tried to feed her and just yesterday I tried green beans, but she just spit them out. But she loves to eat. I'm thankful she eats rice cereal mixed with formula because I'm not a huge fan of pumping. Just a few weeks ago I went out for the first time in the evening without Frankie and Dave was home trying to put her sleep. Normally I have to nurse her. I was out for 2 hours when he finally texted me asking me to come home because she just wasn't going to sleep. Last night, though, I went out to the Sounders game with a friend. Frankie had a big dinner, I nursed her a little before I left and then I put her in her crib. She didn't fall asleep right away, but Dave rocked her and eventually she did. These are great first steps in finally being able to leave her with a babysitter and going out on a date!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri,

It's great hearing how Micah and Frankie are doing! She's definitely getting to the age where you can see her distinct personality and abilities. Keep on having fun with the both of them!


Cheri said...

Thank Aunt Phyllis! It's fun seeing her personality develop and how different she is from Micah. I hope you enjoyed your time in Kentucky (I think?) and that you're doing well back at home now. Great to hear from you!