Friday, July 27, 2012

Posting again!

I'm going to pretend I didn't just take about a year off from posting.  I just added a post from our beautiful hike on Crystal Mountain last weekend.  I wrote it as if I had no need to apologize for not updating this blog on the past year of our lives.  I might excuse myself by saying something about my computer not working right, or my life being busy with little kids, or not really having time to do it, but there is always time to do the things you want to do and blogging just wasn't top on my list of priorities.  But I know there are a few readers, mainly family, that don't live near us, that do want to keep updated on our lives.  Especially with little kids that keep changing.

Micah will be starting kindergarten in the fall and he's ready and excited for the new adventure.  He's reading chapter books and doing math already, but he has lots to learn.  He likes to be in charge and really likes to have his way but he needs to learn not to be so bossy and that he can't always win.  He needs to learn that not everything is a competition and that it is okay when someone else wins.

Frankie has been learning lots of words and has a super cute personality.  She likes to be silly and make us laugh.  She is going to bring lots of laughter to our family.  Words that she says lately that make us laugh are:  Water and Beep (Ice); lallelujah = lightening (whenever she sees a picture of lightening in one of her word books she calls it Hallelujah.  The only thing I can think of is maybe there is a picture of lightening on one of the slides at church when we sing a song with the word Hallelujah in it!).  She calls Snow nose because she mixes the letters up.  She loves to help me at the kitchen sink or mixing ingredients for making jam, cookies or our most recent craze, energy balls.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to read your blog again! Lovely pictures to see your little ones getting bigger!!