Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's been quite a while since I have posted... sorry Jessica!

I was late to work today. :( What a way to start out the new year! I was surprised I was only 1 minute late. But that means I still get a half-point against me. I had 2 half-points against me - one from Oct 17th for being stuck in traffic (on regular streets, not highways) and not having traffic cams so my supervisors could not verify it. It was just after having moved into our new house and I was getting the feel for how long it would take me. I thought I'd try a short-cut, but it ended up being the most travelled way with the most construction, school-zones, and slow cars that morning. I vowed to never try that way again!! So, after 2 months of perfect attendance you can have a point roll off. Well, that first point should have rolled off because I had 8 months of perfect attendance prior to it. But then a few weeks later I had another point because I woke up late or something stupid. It was my fault, so I accepted it. This morning, though, I was mad at myself. I keep thinking my alarm didn't go off, but I think it did... it was probably going off for quite a while and I just decided not to do anything about it, until we both realized it was about 7:40 and I had to be at work at 8!! Hence why I was surprised to be only 1 minute late! I actually almost made it!! But no such luck. The email came saying Cheri logged in at 8:01 for an 8:00 start time.

During that schpeel just now, I finally connected that it is Tuesday night, not Monday night. I had been trying all day to get ahold of the girl who hosts our girl's Bible study and have not been able to reach her. I realized that because it is Tuesday night, we wouldn't have study tonight anyway - we always have it on Monday nights. It may have been yesterday, but I wasn't sure if we were having it so close to the holidays, which is why I was trying to reach her. This is such a fascinating blog, I know. But hey, at least I'm blogging!

Our holidays were wonderful. We spent Christmas Eve with David's sister and her family. Our two little nephews are adorable. Jack is 4 and Joe is almost 2 - so they were so excited about what Santa would be bringing them. They left cookies and carrots out, but had to drink some of the milk and eat some of the carrots while we were setting up for a photo op. Danielle and Mike put them to bed, but Jack's mind was just racing. After they had come downstairs, Jack came tiptoeing down again because he realized they had forgotten to put out the reindeer dust - so they sprinkled oats and gold glitter on the ground outside their front yard so Santa would know which house is theirs.

We spent Christmas day at David's parents house. First we had our own Christmas time together, then visited with his Grandma Essey for a little while - she's now in a nursing home, and then we went to his parents. We had a New Year's party here at our house, with 6 other couples, and we had made pizza dough and sauce for our friends to make their own pizzas. We had a blast.

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jessicanatebecker said...


I loved hearing your stories! Whew! What is the consequence for getting a point off? I'm glad I ride my bike to school.

It's crazy how big those boys are getting. Wow! Time flies by.

I'm SO sad I missed your calls. I didn't even get to hear the two messages you left (I should be writing an email here).