Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Seahawks WIN!

I am not normally into football, but most everyone watches the Superbowl (me included), just this time it actually means something to me! I may even get up to go to the bathroom during the commercials (instead of watching it just for the commercials!).

Seattle is super excited right now because our team is playing in the superbowl! We have had an amazing season and an amazing team! David even got to GO to the last 2 games of the playoffs at Quest field!

I have been impressed when watching the coverage of the team, how focused they are. They are not out celebrating their NFC championship win, they are staying focused on getting prepared for the superbowl championship. They are happy and excited, sure, but they seem to be level headed and focused on the real goal. I have also been impressed with how nice everyone seems when they do press conferences. This picture of Shaun Alexander, League MVP, is pointing heavenward because his strength comes from God.

Grant Wistrom bought David's grandpa's house on Lake Washington and is totally renovating it. He told the family he wanted to have us all over once it was completed so we could see the changes he made. Who knows. It would be really cool to meet a famous Seahawks guy!

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jessicanatebecker said...

Don't worry...even from over in Asia we have men to update us on every detail of U.S. football. Unfortunately we will be on a trip with students the day of that game (and for us it is shown in the morning on Monday!). Enjoy your party! Thinking of you...J