Monday, March 13, 2006

It's been so long I almost forgot how to post a blog!

Dan and Brandy, our two bestest friends, are leaving us to go back to Michigan. We are super sad at this departure, but we also understand it's in their best interest. They were never going to stay here forever anyway. There was a great going-away party for them on Saturday night. It was at an Italian restaurant and after dinner, Brandy first got up to share a few things but she couldn't get very far into speaking because she started to cry... awww. So Dan came and rescued her and had a huge speech written up. He is an amazing speaker and entertainer, so he kept everyone amused for at least the next 30-45 minutes. He had things to say about everyone who have been important parts of their lives over the last four years. Funny, embarrassing, tear-jerking stories and memories. Amanda, a good friend of theirs, had made a quilt for them with memories from all of us - short little snippets of memories, meaningful Bible verses, going-away wishes, or simply "Don't go!" (from Jesse Edmunds). Such a cute idea, something they'll treasure forever.

I also contributed a little something for them, thanks to Jessica's idea from her wedding guest book. I had everyone contribute a picture of themselves for a little scrapbook and then I put it together with space enough for people to add a little something in there also. It turned out pretty well, even though I'm totally NOT a scrapbooker!! But I love looking at it, so I think they will too. It's got pretty much everyone who was at the party. I couldn't give it to them that night because there were a few people a little late in giving me their photos, but I got them eventually and just finished it tonight. The two church secretaries (of all people!) are the two couples left who have to write something in there!! Dan and Brandy are leaving on Saturday, March 25th. Very sad. :(


jessicanatebecker said...

Wow! Cheri!! I can't believe they are leaving. It's so hard to find couple friends that all four get along great. You will miss them tons. Great photos! I love how Brandi is admiring Dan in that photo. You look fabulous! And thanks for mentioning me in the blog (since you are guaranteed that I will read it). Love when you post! J

jessicanatebecker said...

Cheri, Looking forward to those Hawaii photos!