Sunday, April 23, 2006


Our trip to Hawaii was wonderful! It was beautiful and sunny pretty much every day. We enjoyed the relaxation! David had to do some work while on vacation, so he didn't get too much sun, but hey, what's better - working at the office, or working on the beach in Hawaii, soaking up the sun and sipping a Mai Tai?! I think I'd take the latter!

The resort we stayed at was absolutely beautiful. David's parents had purchased a condo there a few years ago when we had stayed at a hotel just down the walkway after the week long cruise they had taken us on. They thought they'd go to the information meeting about the new condos with the idea that they 'might' buy one.... well, you're already hooked if you go with that mindset, so they came back with a 3 bedroom condo. All three rooms looked out toward the water. The beach is beautiful and not too wavey or dangerous because they have these large man-made lagoons for people to swim in. The pools were also gorgeous. On the one end they had fake sand for kids to play in. I think there were 3 hot tubs and 2 different pools. The pools had large rocks around the edges so it made it look nicer than just a regular pool.

There's a full kitchen in the unit, so we made our breakfasts and most lunches there, and then enjoyed dining out for dinners. My parents had joined us on the cruise two years ago, and were invited to join us again. Hawaii isn't normally a place people in Ontario go to - it's easier, cheaper and just makes more sense to go to Florida, but it's oh so wonderful!! The third bedroom in the place was actually a full separate unit, but attached to ours. My parents got that unit. David and I had the "kids" room with 2 twin beds, but we just pushed them together. My parent's room had a small kitchenette with a little fridge and an extra pull-out couch. They liked having their privacy at times. Actually, we all had privacy. There was also three bathrooms, which made it nice so we didn't have to wait for the shower. It was quite luxurious! I'd like to send a BIG THANK YOU out to Dan and Joen, who so lovingly allowed us to share this vacation with them.

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jessicanatebecker said...

wow! How did you get to be the lukcy ones to share the vacation with them?! What a blessing! I love the photos and your hair is looking so curly!J