Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Reading

I have been reading a lot of good books lately. I recently read Messy Spirituality by Michael Yaconelli (who was the creator of Youth Specialities). Very good book because it made me feel like I'm okay, that God doesn't expect all of us to be perfect. There were some pretty messed up people in the Bible - everyone had moments of weakness, indiscretion, or lack of faith. Plenty of Old Testament characters had moments like that - Noah, Abraham, David, etc. And these were GREAT men of faith. Even the NT had people that weren't all together put together - the disciples were constantly bickering and not trusting completely. The biblical writers did not edit out the flaws.

I am on a journey and I have weaknesses. I have times of total trust in God and really passionate faith, and I have other times of not so much lack of faith, but more like independance and unreliance. I really appreciated the book because it shows the examples of these people as Jesus saw them - a work in progress. I am definitely a work in progress and I am so grateful that He loves me just the same, if not more - you know the Pharisees thought they had it all together but Jesus was not that impressed with them.


Karen said...

Cheri: Wonderful to hear about your recent spiritual journey. It has helped me alot in dealing with people I meet to remember that even though Jesus was not that inpressed with the Pharasees He loves each of us equally. It helps me get through my moments of weakness and gives me patience for today's Pharasees! Love Aunt Karen

Cheri said...

Aunt Karen,
Thanks so much for your thoughts! I am just overwhelmed with God's incredible love for me even though I am not perfect. I know I'm not expected to be perfect, but still I feel that there is so much more I could and should be doing. I feel I don't pray enough or don't read my Bible enough, but God still loves me with this "annoying" love, as Yaconelli puts it in his book. There's always more I could and should be doing, but still He loves me despite my imperfections and my weaknesses.