Monday, September 25, 2006

Baby Showers

I have had two baby showers recently - one that was thrown by friends from work and one that was at the church. Both have been an incredible blessing for David and I. We were feeling a little unprepared, but have a lot of the things we needed now.

My friends at work put a lot into planning and preparing this baby shower. It was above and beyond what I was expecting! A lot of people who couldn't make it to the shower pitched in to purchase some bigger items, so we received our crib mattress, the "pack'n'play" we had registered for, our baby monitors, a toy box, a bottle warmer, and many other essential things! We also received some cute clothes, a baby tub and bath supplies, as well as diapers and wipes.

One of my very sweetest friends, Julie, from Ontario is living in Vancouver, BC right now, and she was sweet enough to come all the way down for the shower. Her and a friend of her's with her friend's little 17 month old made the trip down just for the day. I'm sure it was a lot of driving for them, but it was such a blessing to me for Julie to be there. The games they played were a lot of fun, they had to guess how many squares of toilet paper would fit around my belly, blindfolded and racing with another person we had to powder, change a diaper, and dress a baby doll... getting me ready for those sleepy nights when I just want to quickly get back to bed and am changing the diaper in the dark! It was pretty funny to watch!

The shower at the church was also a blessing. It is always so sweet to see how many ladies come out to support and care for us. This was a baby shower for myself and another girl because there are something like 17 women pregant in our church right now, due between now and March!

I want to thank everyone who might read this who participated in, came to, or gave towards the showers. As I said, David and I were extremely blessed by your gifts and generosity and your love and support! Thank you so much for helping us to be better prepared for our wonderful little baby that God will soon be blessing us with!

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jessicanatebecker said...

Cheri!!! I LOVE reading your posts and seeing the photos! I am still amazed to see you pregnant. There's a BABY in there!

I'm so excited for you and am glad the ladies were so supportive. I wish I could have been there!

Keep the stories coming! Love, J