Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby's Room

My friend Amanda and I were able to complete the painting and wall-papering of the baby's room this past weekend. I'm very happy with it! It is very cute. We couldn't believe how well the wallpaper matched the fabric we had picked out for the baby quilt that Amanda is making. We spent all afternoon on Sunday together. It was so nice of her to help out, even though she was tired from being pregnant herself. She is a fabulous painter, and she did all the cutting in on the top and at the edges - and she did a superb job. Thank you so much Amanda!!

David was gone over the weekend to Chelan for relaxing time at his parents condo with the rest of the family. I wish I could have joined them, but I had to work on Saturday. David played mini golf with our nephews, Jack and Joe, and had a great time on his uncle's new Jetski. When he got back, he set up the crib for the baby's room. We still need a mattress, but we're excited that the room is quickly coming together!

Will and Amanda joined David and I for a night out at the Mariners game on Tuesday night, too. We had a great time - the Mariner's played a very exciting game, leading off the first two batters of the night with homeruns! It was a little scary when our pitcher was hit in the head with a line-drive ball off Vladimer Guerrero. Our pitcher, Rafael Soriano, was taken off the field on a stretcher and taken to the hospital, but the next day he was released with nothing more than a concussion. The sound of the ball hitting his head was horrible, as if he had fractured his skull, but we were glad to hear the report the next day that he was okay.


jessicanatebecker said...

Oh Cheri!! It is looking so precious! I can't believe it is really true. You're going to be a Mommy!!!! I love the pics and can't wait to see more! (Do you have a pic of you and Amanda? Do I know Amanda?) Love J

Karen said...

Cheri: You have done lovely work in the baby's room. Hope you are still feeling wonderful and not too uncomfortable. Praying you will experience an easy labour filled with the wonder of God's miracle called birth.Blessings to you and David as you play the waiting game these last few weeks!!
Love Aunt Karen