Monday, December 11, 2006

Ladies Man

Our friends Nate and Brooke were passing through the area from Oregon and stopped in for lunch before Thanksgiving. Baby Adell is a few months older than Micah, so she's taking initiative and trying to hold his hand! Micah looks like he's wondering if it's okay.

Micah and Grace are only 4 days apart in age. It was fun visiting our friends Tom and Lindsay and seeing how similar the two babies are. So cute!

The Santos family welcomed us into their home overnight and each of their kids had a chance to hold Micah.

Here's Micah sitting all by himself on the couch, surrounded by the ladies!

Below is a short clip of Micah totally entranced in his mobile friends. There's no sound because our camera doesn't have that option, but we recently got a video camera so we will soon be showing clips of him talking!

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