Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No rest for the weary

This boy does not sleep! Micah is a very awake and alert baby. He's a lot of fun! But when I'm tired and want to sleep, it just doesn't happen. He tried to make it to 12:00 on New Years but fell asleep by 11:30. He was up again around 4 am. Since going back to Canada we've got him into the bad habit of sleeping inbetween us so we (and everyone else in the house) could get our sleep. He sleeps much better that way. He sleeps in his crib most of the night and then after his 4 am feeding he will sleep with us for a couple more hours until he's up for the day. Yesterday Micah and I tried to take a nap. The first time he fell asleep he was awakened by the telephone. After that it took almost two hours for him to fall asleep. Then when he finally did, he only slept for about 40 minutes.

Lately, he's been doing much better at night. He actually went from 10:30 pm until 6 am between feedings last night! He woke himself up a few times with his breathing, but he's starting to eat more and have longer periods between, meaning he can sleep longer through the night! Yay! :)

Both Micah and myself have been a bit under the weather since our trip. Micah has had a really stuffy nose and even wakes himself up trying to breathe sometimes. Babies don't know how to breathe through their mouths. David took him to the doctor on Saturday the 29th just to make sure everything was okay. He's fine. We just need to clear his nose with a suction when it gets stuffy, but he does not like it! The doctor also said we could try putting something under his crib mattress so his head is elevated just a little. At first we had a pillow under the mattress but it was much too high, so we put a towel under there. In the morning, David went to get him when he woke up, but he was laying sideways at the bottom of the crib! We're not quite sure how he maneuvered himself into that position and we didn't think the towel was making the mattress too high, but somehow he wiggled his way down there! Needless to say, we're a little worried about putting anything under the crib now and we just try and rock him back to sleep when he wakes himself up with his boogies!

He is 12 weeks old now, and 3 month old babies are soon able to roll themselves over one way. If they are on their stomachs they are soon able to roll themselves onto their backs. The first time they do it, it surprises them. But we're pretty sure Micah isn't that advanced and that he hasn't learned to roll himself over both ways by rolling to the bottom of the crib! He must have wiggled... :)

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