Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tulip Festival

My grandparents (my dad's parents) are here visiting right now. It's been great seeing them. They came about a week ago and stayed until Saturday and then left to go on their own sightseeing adventure around the state of Washington and maybe Oregon. They will be coming back on Friday to celebrate my birthday. We actually get to celebrate both my Gran's birthday and mine together this year. Her birthday is April 14th and mine is the 25th. Last Thursday I took them to the Washington Tulip Festival. I hadn't been but always wanted to go. It runs every year from April 1st to 30th. It was beautiful! Imagine seeing fields full of tulips that stretches as far as the eye could see! The daffodils were past their bloom, but the tulips were still going strong!

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nathan said...

Love the picture of Micah smiling in the stroller!