Sunday, May 06, 2007

Helping Mom with Laundry

Okay, we're starting to learn how to do chores around the house. This was the first lesson: Learn how to FOLD the clothes. He is happy because he is enjoying the warmth of the clothes from the dryer. Not too much folding-action happening! In fact, there's more UN-folding happening than folding!

Next lesson: Put away the folded clothes. He looks mischievous here. He's making it difficult for mommy to teach him HOW, since he's sitting on them.

After all that hard work of learning to do the laundry, Micah needed a nap. He now turns onto his side or his stomach to sleep, and looks super cute!

I could not resist his booty-in-the-air pose. This photo was worth the risk of waking him, but thankfully he stayed sleeping. Sometimes I wonder how that could possibly be comfortable!


Shannon said...

My kids have both slept with their butts in the air from time to time, too! And apparently my husband slept that way all the time when he was a kid. You're right, it doesn't look comfortable but it sure is cute. :)

Jessie said...

Cheri! You little guys is one of the cutest little babies I have ever seen. You sound like such a proud mama and I'm sure that you are a wonderful one! Micah is lucky!
Hey I noticed also on your blog that you are in touch with Bryce and you happen to have their email address?
I hope all is well for you!
Jessie Roorda

Jessie said...

PS...I don't know how to spell! re: last comment :)

jessicanatebecker said...

so cuddly! What a fun boy--keep up that folding, Micah! Auntie Jessica