Thursday, May 24, 2007

Micah's trip to the ZOO!

This is the view of Mount Rainier from across the street from our house.

Micah at the aquarium, taking it all in!

Micah is trying to hug his little girlfriend, Haley.

A peacock, just wandering around the parking lot.

Micah and I went to the Tacoma zoo with some friends. We only got through the aquarium and then to a bird show and the babies got pretty tired. There were three of us with our kids, Micah was the youngest at 7 months, then a 13 month old and an 18 month old. The 18 month old stayed longer and went through the petting zoo, but the two younger ones had to get home for their naps. We had a good time, although Micah won't remember a thing and didn't really understand anything when we were there. Okay, so the adults had a good time!

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Tom Regan said...

Hi Cheri,

Thanks for the birthday wishes on facebook. Funny thing is I check that thing about twice a year. Glad I checked today. You are one of my 24 friends. By facebook standards, that's makes me terribly unpopular. Maybe it's my mustache. Say hi to David and Micah for me.