Thursday, October 04, 2007

Birthday, Thanksgiving, and Quilting

Micah's birthday party is on Sunday and I'm trying not to stress about it. Today I have been frantically making lists of party foods to serve even though it's only for a couple hours in between meals and there IS going to be a cake (which is yet to be determined. My most recent decision has been banana cake cupcakes). But I think I should have some appetizer-type foods too, which will mostly be purchased at Costco. I have also been working hard on getting Micah's First Year calendar completed with pictures and comments on the calendar. It's the only baby book I've done for him and I think it would be fun to have it floating around for people at the party. And I've been trying to get my house clean, but I'm just more into doing other things like quilting, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the party on Sunday.

I'm sad that we have to put off Canadian Thanksgiving for another week, but at least we won't be skipping it altogether (like we did last year... since I conveniently went into labor the DAY we were going to have Thanksgiving. But the turkey was picked up by a friend and cooked at their house and the celebration went on without us, although not without a hitch since she cooked the turkey with the neck and heart and all that stuff in the plastic bag that's inside the turkey STILL INSIDE the turkey!) Ahem. End tangent. So, with Micah's birthday being on Canadian Thanksgiving, I think my friends will be glad it's still going to happen, but this will probably be the case every year. I had The. Hardest. Time. trying to figure out if I was going to have Thanksgiving AND Micah's birthday the same day, or if I might have a joint birthday party with two other little friends of Micah's who were born a couple days apart, or if I would just have a party for him and no one else. So instead of having 50 people to 3 one year old boys birthdays, we're just going to have some friends. And instead of cooking 3 20 pound turkeys for the 50 guests to a birthday party for boys who will not remember one single thing about the party, we're just going to have Thanksgiving the following weekend with maybe 4 or 5 other couples. Whew. Aren't you glad I didn't talk this through with all of you while I was deciding?

So, even though my house still needs to be cleaned and party supplies still need to be purchased and final details still need to be arranged (like what Micah will wear) at least I'm closer to finishing the quilt I have been working on!! And no, the quilt is not for Micah's birthday.


Lynette said...

that sounds like a great plan. Hope all goes well! and have a happy turkey day, whenever you get to it!

Triscilla said...

Wow Cheri! I can't believe Micah is already 1 yrs old. Where does time go?! I hope the party was awesome as I am sure it was. He is really cute. You will have to post some of his b-day pictures on our blog/fb page. What a great mom you are.

Take care,