Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sick Baby

Micah was sick over the weekend. He had a fever of about 102 on Thursday and Friday. We called the doctor on Friday and they wanted to see him. So we took him in and she checked his throat and saw that it was red. She wanted to check him for strep, and when she took the swab, he threw up a little. The doc was surprised because usually there's a gag reflex, but nothing comes up. Hoping that this wouldn't trigger more vomit, she sent us on our way with a prescription to ward off Micah's "sinus infection". I should have asked what to do in the case that it DOES trigger more vomit, but would I think that far ahead? Of course not.

So, I had him in the car, waiting at the pharmacy while Dave ran in to get the prescription and I thought I would try to feed him a little. He took one bite, but could not stomach it. It came up with a bit more of his breakfast. So, I took him straight home, changed him and fed him a light lunch ... which he seemed to take just fine. But, when I was holding him and giving him some milk in a bottle, he was done. He emptied everything in his stomach all over himself, me, and one or two of the pillows on the couch. He started crying of course, because who likes to throw up? And I'm not too sure what to do first... I hold him and walk into the kitchen, but realize I can't really set him down on the floor, so I go back to the living room and see that I have dripped along the way. I lay him down on the carpet, peel off my wet clothes, and then peel off his wet clothes, run into the kitchen for a washcloth and paper towels and wipe him (and me) up. Then I realize I'm sitting in my underwear in front of the window to our front door, so I run upstairs to get some clothes on and grab some fresh, clean clothes for Micah. When I come back down, he's still crying a little, and standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me, wondering how I could possibly leave him like that.

On Sunday he didn't have much of a fever anymore, but he did get a weird red rash all over his torso and a bit on his face. We called the on-call doctor Sunday night and she said to stop giving him the medication (in case he's allergic) and to bring him in on Monday if he still has the rash. He still had the rash on Monday, so I took him in to the doctor, but he was feeling better. He was playing fine and she just thought the rash must be some kind of virus (not allergies) that he had gotten along with the fever. I'm not really sure why he was throwing up so much on Friday, though. But he's doing so much better now. The rest of the week he's been pretty much normal, except that he's been usually taking 2 naps a day. It's been great!

He was so sweet when he was sick last weekend. He was exhausted and just wanted to sleep most of the day. If I would set him on the ground to have him play a little, he would start crying unless I sat there with him and held him. He slept a lot in his crib and when he was done with that I would pick him up and hold him on the couch and he would just lay there with his head down on my shoulder. I love when he cuddles. But I much prefer him to be healthy and feeling well.

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Shannon said...

Poor little guy! It is definitely a consolation that when your kids are sick they get all cuddly. It is so adorable! I love that part. But you're right, it's not nice for them to be sick. And throwing up when they are so little and can't understand what's going on is really hard to watch. Besides being gross!