Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fun Times

Pumpkin patches and farms. Halloween dress-ups. Falling asleep in comfy Target shopping carts. Walking on cold but sunny fall days. Playing with birthday toys. Micah has had a fun couple of weeks. I was able to get my tulip bulbs planted! I am excited to see what will happen in the spring! I imagine it will be like a $20 bill in my jacket pocket that I had put away for the summer and then taken out again in the fall. How exciting! "Ooh, the flowers are popping up and I forgot I even planted them!"

We had fun at the Pumpkin Patch. It has been so nice here for the past couple weeks. The weather has definitely turned cooler, but the sun has been shining and the leaves have been turning beautiful colors. I simply love this time of year.

Micah was an astronaut by day on October 31st and a Fireman by night. He was both the cutest little astronaut and fireman I have ever seen! We went to our church for a Harvest Party after handing out some candy at our house. I bought so much candy that I was afraid we were going to have a ton of it left in our house (especially with Dave's candy-nazi method of handing out candy - "take only ONE!" I grab a handfuls and fill each kid's sack with it. That would be why we ran out so quickly last year, but this year I was prepared with LOTS of candy, even though we don't stay here all night.). However, we did not have any left over because when we left to go to our church, we set it out in a box with a note: Trick or Treat! Please take ONE! I wish we had a hidden video camera on our front porch to see if that many kids came, or if the older ones just dumped it all in their bags. Well, it's fine because if we had any left over, we all know who would be eating that.... and we all know who does not NEED it. Ahem.

I have been running lately. A friend of mine from the home group that we are in ran a half marathon a couple months ago and she wants to keep in shape, so she invited me to go with her one morning. I met her at her house and we ran the loop she normally does. No. We ran PART of the loop she normally does because it is ALL HILLS and I hadn't done anything for a couple weeks, so I was DYING with the hills. But, since then, we've met and ran around my neighborhood and I've been able to do 3 miles with her. My neighborhood is completely flat. One of these days I'll attempt her dreaded, hilly neighborhood again.

Back to the Harvest Party. I liked Micah's costume the best because all the other boys were either animals of some kind, or cowboys or indians. His costume was borrowed from his cousins. With him being so little still, there weren't any games that he could do, but he did have fun in the Toddler Playroom with all the balls. He even tried coloring a little - and by that I mean tapping the crayon on the paper. I'm glad he's still too young to understand that he has a choice on what he could eat and that Halloween means CANDY and that it is yummy and delicious and horribly bad for you. I'm glad that he doesn't demand to eat only candy or nothing at all and I hope that he is never like that. I do cherish this time, because he is open to eating anything, and likes everything. Especially veggies like broccoli. And tofu. One day he will not be so open. However, as Dave says, he IS a Wolfrom, and if you've seen Papa Wolfrom's belly, you'll understand that a Wolfrom will eat anything. :)

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The Beckers said...

I love your stories: huffing and puffing up the hill, Micah barfing on you and I still laugh when I think of your self-realization in front of the window. Too funny! I love the pic of Micah in the kitchen. I think he is trying to follow after you--becoming the best chef ever! And Tofu? I am trying hard to believe this. I mean, it is a mom's dream that their little one-year-old would eat just anything!