Thursday, January 10, 2008

Anyone want a cat?

Did you know slugs can be this big? They can, only in the northwest.

We have decided to start letting our small dog (aka our obese gray cat) outdoors. We got our two cats about 5 years ago, shortly after we got married. We never had them de-clawed because 1. How cruel is that?! and 2. We figured that once we moved into a house we would let them outside. For some reason, in the 3 years we lived in the apartment we never had any trouble with Luigi using his litter box. Oh, wait. Scratch that. We never had any problem with Luigi using the CARPET as his litter box. He did use our bath mats on occasion. So we nixed that issue by hanging our bath mats over the tub. However, now that he can't use the bath mats, he has found other places, places that are not so easy to clean, like the corners of our dining room carpet and he has torn them up and made them stink to high heaven. So, needless to say, we are not too happy with him. And now that we have a REAL child our cats don't hold the same status as they once did! So if anyone wants an overly large unsociable, inactive cat who pees everywhere, please let me know! We'd be happy to ship him off to you!

The only reason we hadn't let them out of the house since we moved here over two years ago is because we live on a fairly busy street and there are coyotes in the wetlands across the street. We wouldn't want anything THAT bad to happen to him. However, we ARE getting really tired of cleaning up his messes, so we have started letting him out in the backyard.

Just to be fair, he actually is a really cute cat (in a massive sort of way) and he does purr really, really loudly when he wants attention. Like a squeak-purr. Lately he's been laying on Dave when he's in bed. I think he must know we've been talking of getting rid of him.

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