Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not the White Christmas I was dreaming of

I have some cute pictures from before Christmas, but I still want to share them. Micah was trying to be ever so helpful while I was baking, so he brought me the powdered sugar from the cupboard. Little did I know, the bag was already open! And within his reach! As you can see below, he got it all over the floor and himself, and later I found it was all over the back of my right leg, along with a tiny white hand print on the front of my leg. I think maybe we were listening to "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas".

I'm happy to say that I have cut back on the baked goods and have been much healthier lately! I am still keeping the idea of Hawaii in the back of my mind and I am not wanting to scare away our family. So I have still been running lately. The friend I go running with in the mornings and I took a little hiatus from our early morning jogs during the holidays, but we started up again on Wednesday and now plan to go every Wed and Friday mornings. It's a good 3 mile jog, but I did go 4 miles once by myself. I would love to work my way up to running farther and possibly run a half marathon sometime (there's one coming up in a May in Tacoma), but I haven't committed yet. A marathoner-friend told me if I sign up I'm committed and I would be driven to work towards that goal. It's a good idea. But still something I'm afraid of!

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