Sunday, March 09, 2008

A bit of Random

It was like we weren't even on vacation. David got really sick the week we got back. He was down and out with the flu all week and was absolutely miserable. He tried to go to work the first couple days but he couldn't do it the whole week, so he stayed home a couple days. He had a really high fever and finally went to see the doctor on Friday. Micah and I were lucky enough to only get a stuffy nose and sore throat.

We have been keeping really busy. I have been playing lots of soccer because there are couple of women's drop in times at the indoor soccer center nearby. I have also continued running with my friend a couple mornings a week. I got up to 9 miles yesterday, the longest run I have ever done! I was doing my 3 mile runs a couple times a week with my friend with the idea in the back of my mind of doing a half marathon, which is coming up in May. Now that I ran 9 miles, I think I am pretty serious about doing the half. I think I'll actually be able to do it!

The Saturday before we went to Hawaii we made the final decision to take one of our family members to the Humane Society. I was really surprised how sad I was... I cried for 3 days!! It wasn't like Luigi was harming anyone, he wasn't scratching or biting Micah. But we don't need to deal with the urine anymore and we didn't want to have to worry about it while we were gone. We checked the Humane Society website once when we were in Hawaii and saw that his picture was no longer up on the site, so we are hopeful that he is now with a new, loving home and that he is sharing all his loud-purring, warmth-loving Luigi goodness. That doesn't mean I don't sometimes think about him when I open up linen closet, where he used to make a bed for himself on one of the shelves. Or get a little sad when I see the basket filled with Micah's baby blankets that he used to sleep in. Or remember his obscene positions on the carpet in the sunlight or in front of the fireplace loving the warmth as only he could.


Shannon said...

We also had a cat when Avery was born and by the time Avery was about 9 months we were ready to let her go. It was the same situation. She wasn't any danger to the baby. She just needed more attention than we were able to give her and so she caused destruction in our home because she was bored. It was hard to give her away. Especially when I found out that the people we gave her to didn't register their names with her microchip at the SPCA so when she got lost I got a call and then I was worried about her for days. But I didn't keep the information of the people we gave her to so I couldn't even contact them! I just have to hope that she is ok. It's hard to say goodbye to your kitty.

Jesse said...

I miss the little guy... And by little I mean big and fat. Seriously though, I was quite fond of him, and enjoyed seeing him when I came over. :'(

Cheri said...

Shannon, how sad that you had to worry again, after going through the trauma of just giving her away.

Jesse, we miss him too. Do you recognize your foot? :)