Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend Retreat

The women from my church went on a retreat last weekend - something that hasn't happened for three years. We went to Cannon Beach, OR - to the coast, where the weather is always unpredictable. It was mostly nice, sometimes a little rainy and cold, but the scenery is always beautiful. I was supposed to go because I was helping lead worship in playing guitar. I always love going to the retreats because I know God will work in some powerful ways, but I don't think I had my heart in the right place. I was going because they needed someone to help lead worship. No one at church knew I could play guitar because I haven't really felt the need to tell anyone. Stephanie, the other girl in the picture, sings at church and so when she found out I played, she wondered if we could try to do it together. We both have played about the same amount of time and we felt comfortable enough to lead since we'd have each other as a support.
Worship actually went very well - many of the women have said how much they enjoyed it, cried, and were led into worship. I guess at the women's retreats in the past it has been something that has been lacking because it has always just been thrown together.

The lady that spoke is the same woman who has been leading the Bible study I attend every Thursday night. She is such a wise woman and a lot of what she shared coincides with what we are learning in our Bible study, so it was an especially powerful weekend for those of us in the study. I have seen in her a depth and passion for our Lord and for being in His word that I haven't seen in too many people and I love seeing how that passion manifests itself in different ways in different people. My own passion has been renewed again for the Lord and I am grateful. It really is what matters in this life. His love for me is so great and from His abundant love is where I get my love for my family and friends, and for those that are not so easy to love. I want to tap into that abundant life that He has for me, which I have yet to discover.

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