Wednesday, June 25, 2008

At Nana and Papa's

We had our first two softball games of the season on Sunday afternoon. Our team did great. We won both games... by a lot. While we were out playing softball, Micah was with Nana and Papa. Nana just got a brand new camera and had to test it out, so what better subject than a little 20 month old?

This is a mischievous look that, for some reason, I think we'll continue seeing a lot more of!

Micah and Daddy

Caught with his hand in the "cookie jar"

Doesn't he look big?!

Look! I can put magnetized letters on my head!

Don't we all wish we could crouch like this?

Here, I found something for you.

Papa with big boy Micah

He loves their gravel driveway, he is fascinated with rocks right now. Joen says David was the same way, and would save rocks in ziplock baggies and put them in the freezer.

Rocks still won't top his number one love, though. He'll spend all day kicking, hitting, and chasing after balls.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cheri,
You're doing a great job of keeping your Blog updated.
Way to go for finishing that difficult run!! Good job!!!

The Beckers said...

Hi Cheri! Thanks for your comment on our blog! I came to yours and had a lot of catching up to do! Good job keeping up the blog--the run, the cilantro, the CD--but my favorite was to hear how much you are still in love with your beloved! "You will ALWAYS be my beloved!!"

I love the pics of Micah and I can't believe how much he keeps growing and looks more like his dad. I love to see those father-son moments. It makes me excited about our boy with his daddy. Also I love the pic with the water shooting out. That is FRAMABLE!

Love you and can't wait to see you!