Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frankie's name

Francess means free and Jane means gift of God. We are so blessed to have this baby girl, she is a beautiful gift in our family and we all love her so much! We had a long list of names we were considering, but Frankie was always one of the top on the list. I looked up a list of names from my mom's side of the family and there are Frances' in her geneology. Jane comes from David's side - Janey was his mother's grandmother. Originally Dave mentioned the name Frankie and I said "Oooh! I love that name, I had forgotten about it!" That was quite a long time ago, and from then on I kept coming across girls named Frankie - in books I was reading, in songs, in movies or TV shows, it just kept coming up! I recently read The Postmistress and the main character in that book was Frankie Bard. A lot of other books I read around the same time had supporting characters with the name Frances, Francine, or Frankie Mae
. Flipping through channels on the TV one night I saw an Elvis movie that was called Frankie and Johnny. The song they sing at the end is also called Frankie and Johnny. A TV show called "The Middle" has parents called Frankie and Mike. Amanda Peet named her first daughter Frankie. It was kind of funny how many times I came across the name!

Anyway we are just so thankful for our precious free gift from God!


Shannon said...

Have you read any of the Frances books by Russell Hoban? They are excellent children's books - I love the writing! And my kids love them too. You should definitely pick some of them up for when Frances is old enough to appreciate them. :)

Cheri said...

Actually, yes! We had checked out a kids packet on food from the library and "Bread and Jam for Frances" was in that packet. It was a great book! I forgot to add that, but there were a number of kids books also that had the name - that one and also Arthur's friend Francine in the Arthur books. We will have to get some of the Frances books. I didn't know there were more.