Thursday, September 23, 2010

One month

Frankie is one month old today. We had her check up at the doctor's office and she is doing well. She is gaining weight and is now 9lbs 4oz. It is amazing to me how a little person can grow by nourishment from my body alone. I am so thankful that she is getting enough. It was a much different experience with Micah. Probably some of that had to do with me not fully understanding what was required of me or how much it hurts in the beginning. Yesterday she started smiling at us for the first time that we could tell was in response to us. She is also starting to coo a little bit. Love that!


Anonymous said...

Sweet baby!! She sure is growing and yes it is a great feeling to be able to provide what she needs~~

Smiles already! There'll be lots more fun to come too.

Enjoy her!

Aunt Phyllis

Anonymous said...


What a lovely little girl you have!

So nice to see a picture of her, seeing as we haven't seen her "in person!"

Love those smiles!

Aunt Doreen