Saturday, October 16, 2010


My big boy turned four on October 7. He had preschool that day and got to celebrate with all of his friends. He got a special birthday crown and a card from his teachers. He was able to be the helper, so he brought the snack and got to help the teachers pass it out. He also had his first show and tell opportunity at preschool. I would love the be a fly on the wall during show and tell for preschoolers. When we asked Micah what he wanted to bring his first response was his crocs. He is so proud of those. The crocs he wore for most of the summer finally got too small and actually broke, so we had gone out to buy some new ones with him. He is not allowed to wear his crocs to school, so he wanted to bring them to show his friends. We tried to steer him in a different direction and suggested other toys. He eventually ended up taking one of his toddler Bibles. I just think show and tell is so cute!

Micah got a game based on the movie "Horton Hears a Who." It's a pretty funny game because you have to put an elephant trunk on your head, find a clover that you hid earlier, and hop, run, crawl, or flap back to the board before time runs out.

There is a story to this ice cream cake.
Dave's dad came over for dinner that night. We had a yummy home-made chicken pot pie because Micah loves the "bread" (the pie crust). I had gone out to the store during the day and bought what I needed. I even bought a cake mix but didn't have time to make it. Dave's dad didn't want to stay too long, and David actually came home from work pretty early, but since we didn't have a cake David decided to go out to Baskin Robbins to purchase an ice cream cake. There is a BR nearby, but they were closed because they have gone out of business (the owners retired) so he went to the DQ close by, but they don't have ice cream cakes. So he went to the next city to Baskin Robbins, and then the lady took a really long time writing "Happy Birthday Micah." David just wanted to get it and get home because he knew dinner would be ready, his dad didn't want to stay too long, and I would be calling soon.
Well, at least we got a cake for Micah on his actual birthday.

I couldn't possibly take pictures only of Micah even though it was his birthday. This precious little girl is just too cute!

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