Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chelan 2011

Dave's family has a few condo units on Wapato Point for use four times a year. Sometimes the whole family is able to go but other times no one but our family can make it. This was one of those times. We made it for a long weekend. We left Thursday afternoon after Micah was done with preschool. He had to miss the last day and the class pizza party, but the final day he did have at preschool was at a jump house with large blowup slides, an obstacle course, and a boxing ring, so he had a blast there and he was super excited about going to Chelan. Also, the day we left for Chelan was David's birthday so Micah was especially excited about everything happening that day. We had a few friends come and enjoy the weekend with us.

Micah and I playing mini golf

Brooke and I with Cece and Frankie, who had similar strawberry suits

The whole gang, Wolfroms, Pearsons and Smees

Micah loves swimming!

Emma, Heidi, and Braden

Micah and Braden reading from Micah's toddler Bible

Cheering on the dad's shuffleboard game

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