Monday, July 25, 2011

Frankie is 11 Months

11 Months - where has the time gone? In just four short weeks we will be celebrating this little one's birthday!

Frankie has been eating everything and she really wants to feed herself with her spoon or hands, no matter what she is being served, whether it's jarred baby food, yogurt, or cut up fruits, veggies and meat. She loves to eat like her brother did (and still does) and she is most content when she's got her snack trap or a graham cracker or some kind of food in her hand. She has even snuck a few sips of her big brother's chocolate milk or raspberry lemonade. The second child always gets away with more than the first ever did, right?

Funny that I cleaned the tray before I thought to get a picture.

The tray and the floor got it even worse than her face!

I can't resist sleeping shots, but I hate waking a sleeping baby.

I just love the butt-up sleeping position!

Francess loves to walk using her little pusher. She is very proud of herself when she walks along. She loves holding our hands to walk also. I've noticed a bit of a blister on her big toes from crawling, so that's probably why she likes to walk with help. She also gets up onto all fours to move forward instead of her hands and knees, which is usually when she is outside because the ground hurts her knees or when she has a dress on that gets caught under her. Just in the last couple of days she has been standing for a few seconds without holding on to anything, so I'm sure very soon we'll be chasing her around the house. Actually, she already loves to be chased, she just crawls as fast as she can away from us!

She is really trying to talk. Her voice is super cute right now. She's using her high pitched scream less and less (which is FABULOUS) and stringing together cute babbling sounds that sometimes makes her sound underwater. She still gets very excited to see the cat and always very happy to see Micah. She loves looking at books, especially the ones with texture for her to feel. She likes to put things in places. She is pretty good at putting the toy coins into the piggy bank and she loves "working" in the kitchen with me, moving the lids from the container into the bowls.

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