Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting close

I'll need to get another picture up because I'm exactly 35 weeks today and have grown even more since that last picture! But I think I'll still post this because as you can see, I had a post from a few weeks ago that I just now posted because I didn't get the picture from my phone to my computer. Also, I'm never on my computer these days. I get emails on my phone and check Facebook on my phone, so I really don't get on my computer much at all.

Anyway, the weather has been fabulous lately and we've been enjoying a lot of sunshine. I am not going to complain as some others do about the heat because it's been cold and rainy for so long that I'm absolutely loving the sun and warmth. Micah and I have been hanging out at the park after swimming because the city puts on a play day at the park from 11-5 Monday through Thursday, with lunch and a snack provided. He loves going there after our lessons. The summer lesson schedule has us at the pool Monday through Thursday, so it works out perfectly!

I had an amazing shower with my church friends on Monday night and tonight I'll have another shower with my soccer friends. I am so blessed by wonderful friends! We got lots of really cute girly clothes and hair bows and clips. My friends had organized an activity for people at the shower to make flower clips for hair, and they are all so cute! The only problem will be in deciding which clip to use!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri,
I'm so glad to see your posts again! That little girl is growing a lot!! It's great that you're feeling well and able to enjoy summer activities with Micah too.

Your Mom and Dad are looking forward to seeing you soon too! I'll be travelling with them to B.C.

I hope and pray that all goes well as baby prepares to join your family!!

Keep us posted!!
Aunt Phyllis