Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on Micah

Micah is a super fun three year old. He's very interested in learning. He counts to 100 all by himself and asks what comes after big numbers, like 1 million ("milliom"). He loves to tell time with the digital clocks around the house. He's been doing that for probably a year by now because we got an alarm clock that projects onto the wall so he stays in bed until at least seven-zero-zero. He also really likes when the "Sillies" come on, so he watches for the clock near the TV to turn to 3:00. The Sillies are America's Funniest Home Videos. He has been learning analog clocks from the Wipe-Off books that he has, but that's quite a bit harder to understand. He loves writing his name, or friend's names, or really anything that comes to mind. He asks a million questions about how to spell whatever comes to mind: light, ceiling, railing, TV. He recently drew an apple and wrote the word inside it on his magna-doodle.

Micah is very interested in the baby that is soon coming. He has no concept of time, but talks about her coming in 3 years or 3 weeks (probably the same in his mind). He received a little baby for him to practice with and loves it. He reads to her, sleeps with her and plays with her. He's always been very interested in other babies when we see them at church or at the park. Concerned when they cry, loves to push them on the swings, helps to feed them their snacks. I think he's going to be great helper. But I'm also trying to keep my senses about me and not be too shocked when he suddenly realizes that he doesn't get my full attention anymore. He loves spending all his time with me right now, so I'm trying to make him have some quiet alone time where he needs to find something to do by himself.

He's mostly a very good listener, but there are obviously toddler moments where he gets completely distracted from the task at hand and takes an exceptionally long time to do what he has been asked to do. I do not like repeating myself over and over again, so those times require some extra patience from me. He asks me over and over sometimes to watch something he does (like hopping on one foot or laying on his back holding something on his feet, which are up in the air) and if I'm busy with something it can be a tiny bit... annoying (is that okay to say about your child?)! He asks "what" a lot, even when we know he hears, and as I have already said I do not like to repeat myself over and over again. His "why" questions are still constant, but I'm glad he is curious about the world around him. He is a smart boy and soaks up everything he learns. If he starts whining or crying about something I can often laugh at him that he's going to cry about THAT and he recognizes that's not how he should behave and he'll change his attitude. He's pretty sensitive, too, because he got in trouble at swim lessons for splashing or jumping in when he should have been listening, and he came crying to me after being reprimanded, but he got over it pretty quickly and went back to his class and was happy as a clam.

Just yesterday Micah asked if the baby sister can see God. After thinking about it, wondering what he was meaning I eventually realized it was a pretty logical question since he understands God is inside each of us and since the baby sister is inside me she must be able to see God. I have always enjoyed every stage, but three and a half is just so much fun. His communication with me, his interaction, his ability to reason and understand, his independence.

Micah is fishing with his cousins on the dock at Lake Chelan in June

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