Tuesday, July 27, 2010

new pictures

Swim lessons: working on back torpedo

At Lake Chelan in late June with cousin, Joe

Having fun in the sand

And in the water

My amazing friend Amanda came over for an entire day to paint our baby girl's room. She did an impeccable job! After taking our crib from storage to set it up a few days ago, we found out that it has been recalled. So, 3 weeks before the baby is due we're ordering a new crib. Perfect timing, right?!

Oh my goodness! 37 weeks.


Shannon said...

You're looking great Cheri! :) Can't wait to hear your exciting news.

Cheri said...

Thanks Shannon! It's amazing how different comments make me feel. I obviously like the ones like yours... but some others (like an old lady at the park the other day who asked if it was twins and raised her eyebrows really high when I said no) make me feel awful. It's just a big baby, so I'll just shrug it off. I feel pretty good and the doctor hasn't said I've gained too much, so meh.

I will definitely be happy to share the news, though, and have a sleepless night because of a newborn rather than an aching body. :)