Monday, June 06, 2011


I know this is a late post, but we had a lovely Easter with Dave's family at his parents house.

On the Saturday of Easter weekend we went to Micah's preschool for an egg hunt. They had eggs to gather, but they didn't stuff them so that it could be fair for all the kids. The kids collected all their eggs and then traded them in for a goody bag. They were also entered into a raffle for a number of different baskets. Last year Micah wasn't really sure what to do, so he didn't hustle out to collect a lot of eggs but this year he knew what he was doing and was determined to get as many as he could. Unfortunately he and another kid were going for a bunch of eggs on the ground at the same time and he got knocked over, which made his basket of eggs spill out on the ground and then a bunch of other kids came and picked up his eggs. He handled it really well, but when it was over he was sad because he only collected about 5 eggs. We assured him it didn't matter and had him pick up a goody bag and we also reminded him he'd have an egg hunt with his cousins the next day.

At preschool, ready to start!

Right before he got knocked over

Nana and Papa have the perfect yard for egg hunting!

The cousins

Frankie found the stash (after all the goodies had been taken out)!

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