Friday, June 03, 2011

Mother's Day

Micah really likes to "wash" the dishes. One day he asked if he could watch TV and I said "No, but you can wash some dishes!" and he said "Oh! OK!" and ran into the kitchen to pull a chair over to the sink. He washed the sink and did the dishes for me on Mother's day because Dave had told him to think of something nice he could do for me on that special day. What a sweetheart!

At preschool, Micah had made a card and brought home a huge cupcake that he had decorated to share with me. The card was really sweet and the cupcake was delicious! If you can't read the picture, the part that he told his teacher to type up says "I love you because you make me chocolate chip cookies, and hug me and read me a story at bedtime!" So cute.

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Anonymous said...

What nice expressions of love! Thanks for the updates on the little ones at your house!