Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advent Day 21: Visit Santa

This didn't turn out nearly as well as it could of. We thought Micah would be excited to see Santa, but it seemed like he didn't really care. David had something come up at work and he really wanted to be there, so we waited around at the mall for a while. Micah was happy playing on the play area outside Target for most of the time. When David got there we first went to eat, which turned out to be a mistake. We wanted to get pictures with a certain Santa, who has a nice, jolly look to him. But since we ate dinner first, during that time the jolly Santa switched shifts with another Santa, who had an OBVIOUSLY fake beard (one that moved when he spoke), looked like his belly was stuffed with a pillow, and just couldn't move. Micah has this thing right now about sticking out his lower lip whenever he gets his picture taken, so he did that for this picture too. They took two photos and somehow one turned out with a smile so we chose that one, but I think it would have been funny to choose the one with the pout.

We probably would have had a lot more fun had we gone on Friday with Micah's cousins in Seattle, who are really excited about Santa and might have helped Micah smile, and tell him what he wanted for Christmas. It's okay, though. After Santa photos we also took a couple seconds in a photo booth with the four of us stuffed in and took some family photo booth photos, which Micah thought was hilarious. :)

Reading: John 21:25

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