Sunday, December 26, 2010

Advent Day 23: cookies and lights

I did what the card said today but not really with Micah. We were supposed to bake cookies and drive to see Christmas lights. I made peppermint bark and some other kinds that either had to be heated or that I wanted done quickly, so this time it was not with Micah. The lights drive was never really done purposefully. We did it a few times just around our neighborhood on our way in or out of the neighborhood. There are about 650 houses so we can see lots of lights, but nothing really extravagant because our houses are all so close together and no one has big yards with lots of trees to decorate elaborately. I had heard about a neighborhood that has great lights, but it just didn't work for us this time. We had Frankie's doctor's appointment on this day and Micah had soccer until about 6:30pm so we came home, had dinner and got the kids to bed. Good thing we don't have very many more days of this advent schedule because I'm getting tired of coming up with an activity and having to follow through with it everyday! It's been fun while it lasted, and hopefully we'll continue the tradition in the coming years.

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