Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent Days: 18 and 19

Again, I need to catch up. I'm sure it's okay that I'm not posting every single day because the 2 people who read this most likely are not rushing to their computers each day hoping to see what crazy fun we had. But it's a good challenge for me to try to keep my family updated on what we're doing, so I will keep it going for at least a few more days. David has been extremely busy with his work this month. Usually December is a little slower, but this year that has not been the case. So I can't have the laptop in the evenings to work on blog posts because he's doing something he deems a little more imporant. And usually in the evenings after I've fed Frankie and put her to bed I just want to veg out, but I have either been busy doing the dishes and cleaning up or wrapping presents. And besides, I would much rather do something downstairs near David than upstairs in the disasterous computer room that stresses me out just being in.

Day 18: Christmas Movie

Even though this day was a Saturday and we would normally plan something a little bigger to do with the whole family on weekends, we made it super simple because David was away the whole day working on migrating a server or something and he wasn't sure how long it was going to take. Which usually means for me to expect it to take all day. We missed Daddy, but still had a fun, simple day. Micah chose his Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas movie, which he had been obsessed with watching last year at Grandma and Grandpa's after he received it for Christmas. Earlier this month I said that Micah and David watched this Mickey's Christmas movie together, but I was mistaken. They had watched an old-school Mickey Mouse from the 80s, with clumsy Donald and his three nephews who tried to kill him with their snowballs. David loved watching it with Micah because Micah thought it was absolutely hilarious. I think David misses the cartoon violence because it just isn't quite like that anymore.

Once David got home I got together with my crafty friend (Lincoln's mommy) and broke out the sewing machine which hasn't been touched in a couple years. I had Frankie with me, so I didn't get a whole lot sewn, but with my friend Amanda back in town for a few weeks she renews my desire to get my craft on. :)

Reading: Isaiah 58; Matthew 6:16-18

Day 19: Family Game Day

After church we spent the whole day together, eating lunch, running some errands and then playing games, like chutes and ladders or on the Wii or Xbox 360. We all love games, so we had a fun time. Since David didn't watch the movie with us yesterday we also watched a short movie that we streamed from netflix with Jason Alexander (aka George from Seinfeld) who lent his voice for a cartoon Elf. I didn't know he's a broadway performer and he sang a couple songs during the show. Anyway, David made his yummy, extra buttery popcorn and we enjoyed a short movie together before bedtime.

Reading: Luke 11:1-13

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