Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Advent Day 8: Write a letter to Santa

I grew up receiving presents from Santa, but he wasn't a huge deal in our house. I always knew what Christmas was really about, but I loved the magic of Christmas with Santa. We are teaching our family that Jesus is the real reason that we celebrate Christmas, but Santa is fun. We will teach how the idea of Santa got started, with St. Nicholas. We will still have gifts from Santa under our tree and we will visit Santa for photos.

So today, we tried to get Micah to tell us what he wanted for Christmas to make a list for Santa. Luckily, when we had gone shopping a few weeks ago, we took some pictures of things he thought he might like to ask Santa for. So we went through those photos and also tried to get him to think of things on his own, and came up with a list. He wasn't really into it. I think he thinks he'll show Santa the pictures on Daddy's phone when we go to visit him.

Bible Reading:

Matthew 25:31-46

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