Sunday, December 26, 2010

Four and four

On December 23rd Francess turned four months. I captured a photo of her, although it wasn't the best time of day. I should have taken it in the morning because she is always very happy and smiley at that time. This was taken in the evening, after a long day of seeing the doctor, getting her shots and being at Micah's soccer game.

Miss Frankie is doing very well. She is 90th percentile for her height, 50% for weight and 75% for her head circumference. We thought we might start her soon on rice cereal but the doc said we'll wait until 6 months and keep nursing as her main source of nutrition as long as she doesn't demand to be eating like the rest of the family.
This month will be the only time in their lives that Micah and Frankie will have the same number respresenting their ages. Micah is four years and Frankie is four months. Here is what four and four looks like:

Micah, you are such a fun, energetic and joyful boy. I look at you and can't believe how grown up you are. Gone are your chubby cheeks, you are now a long, lean and strong boy. You are so interested in reading words and in learning to spell. I look forward to the day you will be reading books on your own to your little sister. You are such a great big brother, caring for and kissing Frankie. You amuse me with your sarcastic humor (you must get it from your father), changing lyrics to songs like "Santa Claus is coming to town" (So be BAD for goodness sake!). You are a joy with friends and your enthusiasm is contagious, though your excitement can be a little jolting for those that prefer a quieter type.

You take music and actions very seriously, and your teachers say you can be heard above all the other little voices at preschool. You know what songs you want in the car, (and thankfully they are usually songs and artists I like), but you are a little too demanding sometimes and need to remember you are not in charge. You are very observant especially on the roads we drive and you seem to never forget certain ways we go. You love to include others, you share well. You are working on listening, but sometimes we need to light a fire under you to help you understand what it means that we're in a hurry. It has been sad to see you with the stomach flu for the past couple of days over Christmas, but even with that your spirit has stayed strong, you've fought through it and you have still had a great attitude and a smile on your face. I just want to squeeze you tight, you are such a sweet little man.

My dear Frankie Jane: what a gift you are to our home. If I had my way, I would keep you like this forever so I could kiss your chubby cheeks and touch your supersoft downy skin as I already do all day every day. You are so mild-mannered and easy going. You rarely fuss, and when you do it's easily remedied with feeding, sleeping or changing. Soon we are going to have to work on sleeping flat on your back in your crib. I have created a couple of bad habits that may be hard to break. I imagine, though, that you'll take it like a pro and stay mostly happy. You usually just go with the flow, wherever we are - swimming or soccer or driving to and from preschool. Micah is running us all over and you are just happy to tag along. You love listening to Charlotte Church's Christmas music in the car with the rest of us right now and if you're fussy you will usually quiet right down and listen. Will you sing in the opera? :)

You are always so alert. You don't like to stay sleeping too long if there is something happening around you, and you don't complain about being aroused from a nap because you like to observe whatever is going on. You crane your neck to observe big brother and give him gummy smiles and even little tiny chuckles to his peek-a-boos. I'm sure he'll always be your hero. You are beautiful and I absolutely love your babyness. You will soon grow and require discipline, so I am cherishing each peaceful, quiet moment and even the sleepless nights because there will be an end to this period of time and different challenges will come. I just ask for one thing: as we get you sleeping properly in your crib at night, would you please start sleeping for longer than 2 1/2 hour bouts? That'd be great, thanks.

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