Sunday, December 05, 2010

Day 5: Make Paper Snowflakes

We had a slight incident that prevented us from going about our normal Sunday activities. Getting into the car to go to church, Micah slammed the door on his finger. It looked pretty bad to us, so we took him to the emergency room. They took some x-rays and it looked like it had a tiny fracture, so he gets to wear a brace for the next couple of days.

I tried to take a couple pictures of him with his broken finger, but we were both laughing really hard at his posing for the photo. It did hurt him, but he's a tough kid and it doesn't look that bad anymore.

I'm glad today was an easy activity. We had to catch up from yesterday because we didn't decorate the tree yesterday when we were supposed to. We did that today. We also made paper snowflakes. I don't remember the last time I've made paper snowflakes, so I was thinking "how hard can it be? You just make some folds in a piece of paper and cut into it." Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. This was the first "snowflake."

Snowflakes really aren't rectangular, so I realized I should look it up online how to fold the paper. After looking it up, I found a good video tutorial and made a few with Micah before bedtime. Then I saw a friend on Facebook who was making lots of snowflakes today and looked at the tutorial she used, and I just had to make a few more after Micah went to bed. They turned out quite a bit better!

Today's Bible Reading:
Matthew 4:12-17
Isaiah 9:1-3
Matthew 5:14-16


Shannon said...

Hey, great job! I told you it was easy! I seriously want to make more and I must have made like 30 yesterday. I dreamed about paper snowflakes last night. :) LOL. It's amazing how a few small tips can totally change one's ability to make something beautiful. Of course we still love our kids' snowflakes. But it's fun to be able to join in the process, isn't it?

Cheri said...

Thanks Shannon! I love the link you gave, thank you for sharing! I love that you've been dreaming about making more. We made more today. Paper snowflake day has been a big hit! Micah enjoyed it, although he still hasn't quite got the hang of folding and cutting the right way, but he's getting there. I hung them up in our windows today, but I might have to take them down and iron them. And we're running out of paper, so I might have to raid the "to shred" box! I used some wrapping paper today but it was a little too flimsy to work with. They don't hang too well. Anyway, I'm totally understanding your obsession and getting there myself. :)

Allison said...

Hi Cheri,

Thanks for linking to my tutorial! I'm so glad it helped you out with the snowflakes ... it's one of my favourite things to do leading up to Christmas! :)

Cheri said...

Allison, thank you for the most helpful tutorial. The first video tutorial I used taught me how to fold the paper, but yours taught me how to make them magnificent!! I live in the Pacific Northwest and we rarely get snow, but I grew up in Canada so I'm always just a little bit sad not to have a white Christmas. These snowflakes hanging in our windows make me happy. Both my husband and I have seen the paper snowflakes out of the corner of our eyes and mistaken them for falling snow.