Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Days 15, 16 and 17

I need to catch up from the last few days. We haven't really been doing anything super exciting, so I'll just clump the last three days together. I needed a few days to take a break from the crazy activities we've been doing, and still I've felt super busy.

Day 15: Micah colored a few Christmas pages this day. He loves dot-to-dots and mazes, so I found some pages online and printed them out. The envelope that he opened had the card telling him what he could do, as well as the printed pages folded inside. A little something extra to find in his envelope made it a little more fun, but he lasted a whole 2 minutes coloring. :) (Bible reading today: Luke 1 and Jeremiah 32:17)

Day 16: He had his preschool Christmas production. Cute singing and actions, but we couldn't understand a word of their songs! They sent home a booklet with all of the songs they sang, so he's been doing them for us one on one, which helps to understand. We got video of this pageant too, so when we upload them to the computer I'll put them on here. I made up a plate of Christmas cookies to take to both of his teachers to thank them for their hard work and loving dedication to teaching our very energetic 4 year old boy. (Bible Reading today: Matthew 2:1-12)

Day 17: Today we met up with a friend who is back in town for the holidays and Micah played with his buddy at the BIG SLIDE that he asks about every time we drive by a McDonalds or Burger King that have indoor Play Places. We had gone once to this really big McDonalds Play Place with his buddy Lincoln and since then he asks to go there every time. We haven't been back until today when we went with Lincoln. He's probably going to assume we will only be able to go there if Lincoln is also there. So Lincoln and his sister Evan were there with their mommy, who had not met Frankie yet and was excited to see her. The boys were crazy on the huge apparatus and loved every minute of it. They were sweaty and red-faced when we left. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures from today. (Bible Reading today: Galatians 4:1-7)


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying seeing all the pictures and updates! You are pouring lots of love, time and energy into Micah's heart! The Advent activities sound like fun for everyone (I know it's work for Mommy!!).

Blessings to you all at Christmas. We wish you could be here to celebrate with the Koch family too!

Aunt Phyllis

Cheri said...

Thanks Aunt Phyllis! It definitely has taken time and planning, but it's been totally worth it and fun! The extra work has been blogging about it, but I wanted to try it this year and with having pictures from almost every activity, I'll be able to print them and put them in an album of some kind so we can remember everything we did.

Blessings to you at Christmas too! We sure will miss seeing everyone. I hear David and Nikki will be there, I'm sad to miss out on seeing them. Have a great time with them and we'll look forward to seeing you again soon in the new year!